Born and raised in Bergamo (IT), Miriam Cortinovis (she/they) moved to the United States in 2013. They discovered a passion for composing fantastical novels soon after, finding herself alone in a new country that didn't speark her language. After floundering to adapt to the American lifestyle, they enrolled at DePaul University (Chicago), and there they earned a BA in Creative Writing and an MA in Writing & Publishing.

With two years of experience as college writing tutor, Miriam embarked post-grad in a once-in-a-lifetime internship with Aevitas Creative Management, ended December 2022. They now freelance-read for different agents at ACM. In the meantime, they're drafting their debut novel #tpoos, a queer adult portal fantasy (info in books).

When not consumed by a book, both thier own or a recently published one, Miriam enjoys playing Dungeon & Dragons with their friends and suffering through rogue-like videogames with their partner.